Team Development

CHORUS strengthens teams to achieve greater results

  When executive and management teams function near their capacity and capabilities, they are most certainly greater than the sum of their parts. CHORUS has proven especially effective working with clients to build and sustain the performance of their teams. This is an area in which organizations consistently return to us for help over and again. We engage our clients on multiple levels of team development:
  • Assessment of team roles
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Leadership training
  • Team facilitation
We coach team members both as individuals and collectively to understand the dynamics of their specific team and to understand the strengths and gaps of each team member. We have applied our assessments, training and coaching to areas such as team benchmarking, on-boarding of new team members, the launching of new teams, and board development to mention a few. Our team development programs are highly tailored and uniquely designed to ensure our clients’ teams are truly high performance teams.