Succession Planning

CHORUS partners with enterprises to develop the next generation of leaders

  Identifying and developing the future leaders of an organization is arguably the most important legacy current leaders will leave their enterprise. But leading effectively in the here and now remains critical to an enterprise’s long-term health. CHORUS helps organizations step back and strategically assess what their leaders need to accomplish now and in the future. We help current leaders transition into a new paradigm of leadership and assist them in laying a foundation for those who will follow. CHORUS services include:
  • Assessing future organizational needs
  • Assessing the current leadership “bench strength” and “depth”
  • Establishing specific leadership development plans based on quantitative and qualitative data
  • Gauging the skills and talents of future leaders
  • Helping build specific plans for a successful leadership transition
  • Constructing metrics that indicate performance and contribute to leadership success
  • Coaching individuals to leverage their strengths and address areas for growth
By engaging CHORUS in your leadership succession, you can increase the prospects of a productive and effective leadership transition while mitigating risk caused by poor succession choices and decisions.