Facilitate Strategic Dialogue
Around what Matters
to Maximize Growth.

Does your typical strategic planning process lead to clear, executable actions that result in a platform for healthy growth? CHORUS facilitates strategic dialogue around what matters most in a comprehensive yet efficient way. We help you mine what you and your team collectively know, assess your strategic priorities and make decisions based on those priorities.

Amber Van Til

We hired CHORUS to do our strategic planning again. They know us. They know our team. They know our challenges and our hopes for the future. It is a relationship that’s very difficult to replace.

Amber Van Til
CEO, Indiana Bankers Association

Inclusion Ensures Ownership

Everyone’s opinion matters. Our range of strategic services have helped companies and organizations of all sizes and industries. We work closely with you AND your leadership throughout the organization to define or confirm your mission, determine or refine your vision and values and plot a new strategic direction.

We Help You Gain Alignment Across the Organization

Once a plan is agreed upon and ready for execution, CHORUS partners with you to construct a detailed communication plan for sharing your strategic direction with stakeholders. Often concurrent with the strategic planning process, CHORUS works with your individual executives and their teams to ensure they are prepared to effectively execute the strategic plan they created.

Business woman

Typical Business Outcomes:

  • An enterprise strategy establishing a platform for healthy growth
  • A plan that gives your company or organization a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Strategically aligned executive leaders, teams and enterprise, all positioned for next level of best

CHORUS is laser-focused on strategic leadership development and decision-planning. With an entrepreneurial approach, we combine nationally-recognized executive leaders with advanced psychometric assessments and business analytics to create platforms for growth.

Engage CHORUS to help your leaders reach their full potential.

The CHORUS Approach:

What does it take to achieve next-level best?

  • Assessment with best-practice, state-of-the-art data analytics
  • Strategic visioning to help individual leaders, teams and enterprises achieve next-level best
  • Action planning leading to best-in-class performance
  • Training and development utilizing best-practice methodology and technology
  • Executive coaching equipping leaders for their next level of best
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