Like a well-tuned chorus,
we align the right people
at the right time

at the right measure

The word CHORUS is defined as the act of working together in harmony or in unison. Classical composers often relied on a chorus to bring structure and harmony to a musical piece. In ancient Greek and Elizabethan drama, the chorus existed to announce the action of the play and to provide support for the lead actors.

These definitions parallel the CHORUS philosophy:

  • We work with clients to bring structure and congruity to their enterprise.
  • We identify challenges and moderate the dialogue that leads to effective solutions.
  • Our senior advisors support your senior management with a results-based approach.

Without structure and harmony, organizations can become disjointed and dysfunctional, and fall short of their full potential.

CHORUS, Inc. was launched in 1997, to help companies and organizations create platforms for growth by aligning people and strategy to drive extraordinary results. Like a well-tuned chorus, we align the right people… at the right time… at the right measure.

conductor grayscale
chorus unique image

What Makes CHORUS Unique?

We are experienced thought leaders from high growth companies who integrate strategic planning, leadership development and team development to achieve and sustain healthy growth.

We are determined to see your organization grow, thrive and become best-in-your-class. Our secret sauce is participative engagement, with a process that fluidly engages voices across your enterprise in a way that makes alignment and execution ownership an obvious outcome.

Conductor hands horizontal

We believe in long-term relationship-building, and our team has had the privilege of advising a number of executive teams and boards across many industries including Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Education, and more.

They’ll attest to the full CHORUS impact on:

  • The harmony of disciplined and in-sync management teams
  • The sounds of success in organizational effectiveness and enhanced relationships
  • A symphony of improved earnings and multi-million-dollar valuation increases