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Celebrating CHORUS at 25: A Quarter-Century of Making a Difference

Taking a little time to look back over our 25 years and celebrate before moving toward the future was like a well-timed pause in a magnum opus.

Photo credit to Malinda McCullough of Malinda Beth Photography

A CHORUS Production; Brooke Martin, producer and Mighty Chandler, videographer, ©2023

Looking Ahead by
Looking Back

Sealed. Secured. Not revealed until 2047 AD.

At CHORUS, our rich history and timeless core values made the 25th Anniversary celebration a great time to pause and look at what made the company great, and what will take us into the future. Our celebration included a time capsule to help preserve the corporate legacy for next-generation leaders.

time capsuleIncluded in this time capsule are our own platforms for growth, if you will, including the principles and values CHORUS has been steadily built on.

Items that will go into the capsule, and not be retrieved until 2047, include several keepsake videos, handwritten notes from guests about what makes CHORUS unique and needs to be preserved, and a 68-page book with history and core values, pictures, caricatures, backstory on staff, vendors, and prominent clients across the many industries we serve, and a 240+ item timeline, detailing many highlights of our first 25 years.

Our 25-year history has been written, but there’s still a lot of ink in the pen.
STAY TUNED for a future on which the curtain is just opening!

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