Bob Eldridge

Senior Consultant

Bob Eldridge is a seasoned human resource executive and human resources consultant. Before joining CHORUS, Bob was a career human resources professional with the Dow Chemical Company for twenty-seven years. He served Dow in a variety of positions, including nine years as Vice President of Human Resources and Operating Board Member for DowBrands, a global consumer products company.

Subsequent to his Dow career, Bob has provided human resources consulting services to a diverse group of clients in several areas, including strategic planning, policy development, talent management, reward systems, employee performance management and leadership development.

In addition to his consulting work, Bob serves as Director of Human Resources Strategy for Keyway Associates, as an Advisory Board Member for Highmark Inc., and as an Advisory Council Member for Truth at Work.

Bob holds a BA in psychology and a MBA from Michigan State University. He is a certified Hallmarks of Excellence® in Leadership Coach, certified Gallup Strengths Coach, and certified Living from Your Strengths Coach.

Outstanding leaders are individuals who know their strengths, surround themselves with people who complement their strengths, and build on each person’s strengths.

- Robert J. Eldridge