The clamor of competition is silenced by the harmony of focused and motivated employees


Clients and associates alike come to appreciate CHORUS's blend of discipline and innovation. We strive to be judicious in our business dealings and progressive in our human capital philosophies. This combination is one of our strengths.

In the same way, the relationship between CHORUS and its associates (employees and contractors) is governed by a similar mix of clarity and creativity. At the same time, we expect that our foundational values will foster a creative work environment that encourages open communication, open-mindedness and excellence.

At CHORUS, we believe that we are far better together when we can be at our best as individuals. This requires us to have clarity and understanding of the building blocks of good working relationships: commitments, responsibilities and expectations.

As a high-performing work culture, we are able to make powerful commitments to our clients and maintain great expectations of each other because our values in action help us build trust in each other and our work.

Foundational Values


We express our values through our work. Our significance in the marketplace is a product of the things we value. We endeavor to embody these six values which are foundational to our company's vision and mission ...


We hold ourselves accountable to our foundational values and we expect those with whom we have personal and professional relationships to hold us accountable as well. We choose to operate this way not because it is easy - it isn't - but because we believe it is the pathway to greater rewards for us and for our clients.


We invest in the tools and capabilities necessary to bring cutting-edge solutions to everyone we serve. We strive to maximize our own efficiency by designing and implementing systems and investing in technology, freeing us up to engage our best creative selves in our work.



We hold ourselves to the highest of standards of quality and professionalism as leaders in our field. We create and anticipate excellence by focusing on continuous learning and improvement and attention to the details of our work. We model excellence in all things as we strive to bring out the best in our clients and each other. We seek to recognize the true and highest worth of people and things.

Servant Leadership


With a spirit of enthusiasm and respect, we identify ways to dramatically support and serve each other. We emulate the behaviors of those whom we consider to be models of servant leadership. We respect the contributions of others and are willing to put their needs ahead of our own.

Business Acumen


We understand business principles and the dynamic nature of the marketplace. We combine a focus on the bottom-line with an entrepreneurial approach as we help clients create an environment that breeds success.



We bring out the best in each other by growing empowering relationships. By building trust and loyalty, we foster long-term commitments to each other that result in mutual success. We simply strive to think and act in the best interest of those we are with. It is our relationships with each other and our clients that make our mission and vision a reality.


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