Our People

At CHORUS, we’ve developed a creative, team-based approach to providing human capital solutions. We couple experienced CHORUS executives with consultants who specialize in fields that enhance our ability to offer innovative human capital management strategies.

CHORUS’s blend of talent and experience helps clients "mine" the ideas and information already available, and then integrates new ideas to create cutting-edge solutions to clients’ challenges. Our tools and unique work style, leave behind harmony and congruity as a result of every client relationship.

Michael A. Evans
President & CEO

"At CHORUS, we believe a firm's investment in human capital is the most important factor in creating and sustaining competitive advantage."

Dr. Gregory G. Enas
Vice Chairman

"Planning is good, delivering on that plan is better, and learning from that mission best enables the enterprise to grow into a more promising future."

Daniel W. Kendall

"We find ourselves in an era where people are the defining issue in what creates and sustains market leadership. An enterprise's investment in human capital is as critical as any investment that will be made."

Michael T. Jones
Vice President, Strategic Services

"Effective relationship management is a learned skill. At CHORUS, we place a high priority on helping individuals and teams master this ability in order to maximize corporate effectiveness."

Shawn A. Bennett
Senior Director, Leadership Development

"In order to grow as world-class leaders, people must experience new challenges, colliding perspectives, and time for intentional reflection."

Dan LeClerc
Senior Consultant

"Our experience is that overcommunicating the mission and goals of an organization is nearly impossible. About the time leadership tires of conveying their direction, team members are likely to begin embracing it."

Bob Eldridge
Senior Consultant

"Outstanding leaders are individuals who know their strengths, surround themselves with people who complement their strengths, and build on each person's strengths. At CHORUS, we provide both the framework and tools to develop this kind of leadership."

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