Strategy Assessment & Development

Managing the organization to a common Vision
and Plan maximizes results.

Why is CHORUS in business strategy consulting?
We believe we have a unique and cost-effective way of providing strategic planning solutions for your business that provide results to your bottom line. As the saying goes, “a person with no goal will certainly achieve it” and so it is in your business. 

Without a clearly defined strategy and without goals aligned to that strategy, business success will be difficult. Much of the knowledge for strategic success lies within your own team. That is why CHORUS has developed strategic planning solutions to “mine” the innovative ideas from your team by implementing the steps in our strategic planning process.

Strategic planning consulting can take many forms. At CHORUS we believe creating strategic planning tools which includes a strategic planning template and strategic planning training guide is the most effective way to help you capture innovative solutions in your strategic planning process.

CHORUS’s unique strategic planning solution is designed to assist you in a variety of ways in facilitating a strategic planning session, producing fuel for your team’s innovation in producing a useful strategic plan. Our mission is to help you succeed by training you on our strategic planning process.

Our strategic planning services provide you a framework for your leadership team to facilitate the strategic planning process. We help you all the way through writing a strategic plan. Our model is perfect for assisting small business strategic planning and global business’s in creating a strategic plan.

Our strategic planning process can be applied to strategic planning for manufacturing, strategic planning for the financial industry, or any organization desiring an effective strategic planning process.

If you are looking for a strategic planning quote, you have found the right company. Our strategic planning model is unlike anything in the market today. We allow you and your team to be the strategic planning facilitator through our strategic planning framework. This strategic planning process builds teamwork throughout the process of developing the strategic plan and thereby develops internal ownership once the writing of the strategic plan is completed.

As a part of our company culture, CHORUS provides nonprofit strategic planning at a discounted rate as we believe investing in strategic planning for nonprofits aligns with our corporate strategy of investing in others in our communities. Consistent with that goal, CHORUS has also applied our strategic planning process in developing solutions for strategic planning in education.

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