Executive Assessment & Development

           Measuring Executive Fitness is a critical
           component in identifying strengths and
           gaps to maximize executive performance

To achieve our client’s goals, CHORUS has developed a dual-path approach to human resources management: a quantitative, bottom-line method for dealing with the financial realities that are linked to a qualitative methodology that focuses on fully developing employees as individual contributors, as team-players and as leaders.

Human Capital Management

In many business conversations, the phrase “human resources” conjures up images of the old employment office. Human resources (HR) is not recognized as a strategic business partner with finance, marketing, operations, and information technology. It isn’t seen as a value-added resource to the bottom-line. At the same time, in our increasingly service-oriented economy, productivity and profitability are directly correlated to the quality and motivational level of a company’s employees. The key variable that distinguishes top-performing enterprises is its people.

At CHORUS, we believe your investment in human capital is the most important factor in creating and sustaining competitive advantage. It is the one variable that can set your company apart from the competition, giving you the needed edge to meet or exceed your business plan. We refer to this as the strategic value of human capital. 

Hallmarks of Excellence® in Leadership
The Hallmarks of Excellence® in Leadership is an assessment designed to capture the attributes that define excellence in leadership. First, a series of four instruments is completed that assess critical characteristics required of high performance leaders. Then, based on an assessment of the individual’s pattern of personal competencies, personal qualities, critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence, an integrated analysis is provided that contrasts the test taker’s profile to performance attributes of proven high performance leaders.


HALLMARKS® is a new generation assessment for a new generation of leaders
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