Enterprise Alignment

an organization's leaders and teams with a disciplined
strategy creates extraordinary results.

CHORUS works closely with organizations to help them discover, articulate and communicate their cultural “DNA.” Above and beyond their strategic planning, we work with them to determine the foundational cultural values that make them effective (or are holding them back). We call this process an Enterprise Assessment. In an Enterprise Alignment, we uncover the strongest beliefs of both the leaders and key stakeholders within an organization. Through interviews, surveys and assessments, we guide them along a path where they begin to recognize the essential characteristics and attributes that guide their corporate philosophy, vision and values.

Often times, while we are engaged with a company in either a strategic planning process or in coaching their executive teams, it becomes clear that the organization, while perhaps very productive and successful, struggles to convey their vision and values to their most important stakeholders. What they produce or provide is clear to everyone. And how successful they are at providing products and services may be well understood. But why they operate the way they do or what they believe is murky. Consequently, leaders often find it difficult to convey the passion and purpose they feel for their organization to new stakeholders. CHORUS’s Enterprise Alignment guides leaders through a process by which the critical measures and motivators in their company become evident and exciting to their most important asset: their people.

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